Timothy Malcolm Co-Owner:

Tim is an avid Colt Collector and gun enthusiast. Tim grew up spending his afternoons at his family’s pawn business after school. His Uncle and older brother were both firearm collectors and as soon as he turned 18 he bought his first long gun, an Egyptian Maadi AK-47. At the age of 21 Tim purchased a rare nickel finished Heckler and Koch P-7 after seeing the pistol used in one of his favorite action films Die Hard. After learning that he had acquired a rare piece Tim learned a valuable lesson..Some guns are meant to be shot and some guns are meant to be collected. For the next 15 years Tim collected firearms ultimately steering him towards Colt pistols. Tim is considered one of the foremost experts on Colt snake guns by many Colt collectors around the Country.

“There is just something about Colt revolvers, some people look at them as just a run of the mill pistol but if you hold one and stare at it too long you will actually fall in love with it, the craftsmanship and design is simply impeccable.”

Tim’s first Colt firearm was a Colt Diamondback .22LR with a nickel plated finish. He then purchased his first Python and within the same year purchased a Boa, Viper, Anaconda and King Cobra.

“I got addicted I really just couldn’t stop buying them, I wanted to complete the snake series and it was like a scavenger hunt to find some of them. I had always owned several Colt 1911 .45’s which I am still addicted to in a way but when I discovered Colt revolvers I just couldn’t stop….it almost got me divorced!”

Contact Tim at Tim@sellyourcolt.com

You can find Tim conducting business in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  He is the owner of Umbrella Luxury Auto, a high end boutique car dealership in Indian Trail North Carolina as well as the owner of several firearm and collectible websites.