Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are categorized below. Please click on a question to see answer – or scroll down to see entire list of questions and answers.

1. Is it safe for me to mail a firearm?

YES, We recommend shipping through our prepaid label carrier. Our prepaid labels in most cases include signature confirmation, tracking information and insurance.

2. There are a lot of scams on the internet, can I trust

YES, only ships through licensed Federal Firearm Dealers. We pride ourselves on being an honest business that offers fair market
values for your firearm and a quick, convenient and effortless way for you to get cash for your colt and other collectible firearms.

3. I have an entire collection I would like to sell, is this something can help me with?

YES, can help you with one firearm or a collection of hundreds. We have a vast network of premium collectors that are always looking for large collections or beginner collectors that are looking to join the Colt family with their first purchase.

4. What happens if I mail my firearm and there is a discrepancy with the condition?

We try to evaluate the best we can with the information that you provide to us. When we receive your firearm we will open the box and inspect the weapon using special firearm handling gloves. These gloves protect the weapon against scratches and oil from human fingers. We will then evaluate the firearm. If we find an issue that was not previously stated we will contact you and treat each instance on a case-by-case basis. Usually we can renegotiate the offer or we can mail the firearm back at NO COST to you. We want to please every customer and keep a healthy professional relationship for future transactions.

5. How do you send payment?

We can send payments in the form of Paypal, Check or in some cases Bank Transfer. Once your item is accepted we will confirm your preferred method of payment and issue payment within 7 business days.

6. I know someone with some Colts for sale, do you offer a referral program?

YES, We do offer a referral and incentive program for a “finders fee.” Finders fees are only given AFTER the transaction is 100% complete and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

7. I have seen a gun like mine selling for more money than you offered me are you REALLY making me a fair offer?

YES, Take in to account that selling guns online require listing fees, final value fees, advertising fees, FFL transfer fees, shipping fees, Credit Card fees, etc. Also remember that fine firearms are a niche and fluctuating market. Prices can change on a daily basis and finding the right buyer can take ample amounts of time and effort.

8. How are your offers determined?

With collectible firearms condition is everything. Offers are determined by demand, rarity, market value, original box, manuals, finish, barrel size, etc. Our team of Colt experts watch the market on a daily basis and base our top dollar estimates on the above mentioned factors. This is why our offers are only valid for 7 days, afterwards we will reappraise and submit a new offer.

9. Do you negotiate your offers?

Generally provides you with the strongest offer based on the information you have provided. We care more about return business than submitting lowball offers, that’s why we are able to provide the strongest offers across the nation. However if you are able to provide additional information or accessories such as boxes, letters, magazines, original sales receipt, etc…we may be able to adjust our offer. It never hurts to make us a counter offer if you feel that your firearm is in some way more valuable for specific reason.

10. Do you just buy Colt Firearms?

No, We buy colt accessories such as boxes, magazines, display cases, parts, ammunition and antique or original colt memorabilia. We also have a sister site for Smith and Wesson firearms at and we buy any other brand or make.  Just email us if its not a Colt or Smith and Wesson….remember collection buy outs are our specialty!

11. What type of firearms are you looking for?

We deal with mostly post 1940 firearms but we do have a market for all antique and modern firearms.

12. I have a class 3 weapon can you help me with this?

NO, at this time does not buy fully automatic class three machine guns but we can refer you to someone that does.

13. How do I know my Colt is going to a good home?

Unfortunately many colts are getting bought and shipped out of the United States to private collectors overseas. Most of these firearms will never make their way back home. Colt is an American company dating back to 1855. We do everything in our power to preserve the legacy of colts and keep them home in the United States. Our collectors are all over the country and all share the same burning passion to admire the beauty of these fine firearms. We work with museums, private collectors and colt enthusiast alike.

14. I am looking for a specific Colt, Do you sell Colt’s online?

We sell guns and accessories for Colts and Smiths all over the internet and will be updating this site with firearms for sale soon. We stock a huge inventory but even if we do not currently have it in stock we can help you find it.

15. What kind of Colts are most valuable?

This is hard to answer. The old saying “to each their own” really applies to this question however please check our “most wanted” section for a list of current firearms we have a buyer for.

16. Do you require me to ship from an FFL?

Please contact us for the best shipping methods…..Trust me when I say we make it easy as possible!